Exciting News: A Festival of Trees Triumph with Northern Capital Design & Renovation Centre!

We’re thrilled to share the spectacular success of Northern Capital Design & Renovation Centre at the Festival of Trees! This year, we shone as silent auction contributors with our exclusive “Kitchen Renovation Gift Vouchers,” valued at $8,500. The bidding frenzy took them to an impressive $10,500!

Our heartfelt thanks for being part of this journey. These vouchers include:

  • $2000 Interior Design Services
  • $2500 Kitchen Cabinetry
  • $1000 Kitchen Countertops
  • $1000 Painting Services
  • $1000 of Electrical Work in partnership with Remedy Electric
  • $1000 of Plumbing Labor in partnership with Mainline Plumbing and Heating

This means not only enhancing your homes but also supporting a meaningful cause. A massive congratulations to the lucky winner—your living space is in for a stunning transformation!

Thank you for celebrating this incredible success with us.

Northern Capital Design & Renovation Centre Team


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