Northern Capital Wood Products is committed to ensuring the safest possible environment and workplace for our employees during this crisis. Particularly regarding upholding the standards set out by Federal, Provincial and Local Governments as well as the Regional Health Authority.

The following outlines some of the Safety Processes and procedures we have implemented in efforts to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers. Both management and employees have been engaged in identifying health & safety risks related to COVID -19 and developing and implementing policies and procedures addressing the COVID-19 risks.

1) Signage has been placed throughout our facility encouraging social distancing and for customers not to enter premises if they have any of the list symptoms. Signage requesting customers to ensure they have masks and use provided hand sanitizers upon entering and leaving.

2) All employees are required to wear (and are always provided) face masks, while on-site.

3) Call-in procedures require employees to call Management if they have symptoms that match the criteria listed by the British Columbia CDC as possible COVID-19 symptoms. Employees are then required to self-isolate for 14 days. For those employees, it is recommended to call 811 to report their condition to local Health Authority.

4) Two employees of NCWP have been designated to ensure routine sanitization is undertaken. In addition, all employees have been encouraged to use the supplied 10% bleach solution to sanitize vehicles, tools or equipment that may be shared by other employees.

5) Signage has also been posted limiting the number of employees in shared common areas, as well as protocols while the employee is in that shared area.

6) Individual bottles of hand sanitizer have been provided to employees and employees are encouraged to frequently wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. As well there are numerous large bottles of sanitizer located through the facility.

7) Employees working off sight have been advised to access the job site and if they have COVID-19 safety concerns to immediately contact management for further direction. As well, employees are encouraged to sanitize the immediate area and workplace prior to beginning work and to sanitize the immediate work area as well upon completion.

8) A glass reception barrier has been installed to provide a protective barrier between customers and reception counter.

9) Work schedules where possible have been staggered and in some cases employees can, when required, work from home to help minimize congestion in the office and work areas.

10) Customers returned samples are directed to leave samples in a designated drop-off area. These samples will be sanitized prior to them being returned to the sample racks.

11) Delivery doors have been designated and have exterior signage directing the delivery. Packages are spray with a 10% bleach solution and sanitized pens are also provided for signing acceptance of goods.

Northern Capital will continue to monitor all COVID-19 Health reports and updates and will assess our policies, procedures, and protocol appropriately. All reviews conducted by Northern Capital will engage workers and management. If you have any questions, please contact us.